27 August 2015

Facebook Moments App Creates Videos of Shared Photos with Music

Facebook Moments automatically creates music videos of any grouping of six or more photos. 

Facebook Moments, the new photo-sharing app from Facebook that adds new functionality and features to sharing photos with friends was first announced a while ago, where users are able to send photos that they may have on their smartphones. It now follows that a new update allows people to create videos with these photos too and even adding music to the final result. The way the app works is will automatically create a video of shared photos which you can be customized, personalized, friend tagged and subsequently sharing on Facebook timeline.

The new features and capabilities are not original as other social networking apps already offers similar solutions such as Flipagram, or those automatically created animations that Google Photos provides through its “Assistant” feature, which also creates stories.

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24 August 2015

New Digital Tool Standing on Giants Community Forum Management

Standing on Giants

Standing on Giants (SoG) an Integrated Community Management and Forum Platform Technology. 

It was recently announced the release in the UK to the general business community of a versatile forum platform for businesses, originally created by Telefonica Digital where the SOG has been successfully operating since 2012. 

¨This major breakthrough means that brands outside of Telefonica and the telecom industry will be able to drive transformational changes by engaging with customers across their own forum portals ¨ says Aurelien Poma Head of Platform Architecture and Design at Standing on Giants. ¨We are really excited to pass on the success that we have experienced internally and now we want to help companies steer their own digital transformation by providing a robust infrastructure that will translate into an exponential growth of their customer base ¨

SoG’s fully customizable platform easily integrates with other software systems and applications, including CRM, SSO and Data Warehouse it provides an umbrella of multi-dimensional analytics,

Standing on Giants
SoG’s forum platform provides customer specific updates, tailored to a business specific needs.

About the SoG platform

The SoG platform is offered as a hosted SaaS and it is developed, built and maintained by the platform architecture team at Standing on Giants. SoG’s platform provides a suite of user-friendly capabilities, both front and back end, as well as an effective range of user management tools. It is designed to deliver, integrate and reflect customers’ needs, with its ever-evolving capabilities.

About Standing on Giants

Standing on Giants (SoG) operates as an independent unit inside the Telefonica Digital Group and is behind the success of giffgaff, the world´s first community run mobile phone company. SoG´s vision is to help companies maximize their potential by providing cutting-edge Community Management services to customers across the globe.

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