26 October 2016

New Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Facilitated by IBM and Udacity

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Facilitated by IBM 

IBM Computer Servers

An interesting new development regarding technology education in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The platform designed for employees that is Udacity, is now in partnership with IBM Watson, which also includes Didi Chuxing and Amazon Alexa, as a result of the partnership there is now a new nanodegree in artificial intelligence,

This new development was announced at the IBM World of Watson conference.

In a context where the input from IBM Watson is incorporated in the curriculum of this new course. Furthermore, with the partnership of the Chinese company Didi Chuxing the goal is to tempt and hire students who will be successful in completing their nanodegrees. In thre framework are also IBM and Amazon Alexa as they will be present on an advisory role to Udacity, so that this new nanodegree course does have a solid foundation with an emphasis as a new AI nanodegree.

As stated by Udacity’s founder Sebastian Thrun, which comes from a background of developing and initiating Google X which produced the now famous self-driving cars. Although this new AI nanodegree is designed for students that already a good knowledge in software development.

Also IBM’s Rob High, from IBM Watson, stated that this new nanodegree "should teach students to build apps or platforms using game playing and search, logic and planning, computer vision and natural language processing, among other things." 

In the context of ethical considerations in artificial intelligence, its was also stated: “No. There’s a lot of fear mongering these days in the AI field. AI is not about to take over or destroy the world. Instead, it’s going to free us of repetitive mindless work. Say you are doing an office job and every day you do the same thing. At some point an AI watching you will make you one hundred times more efficient at your job, and it will free up a lot of your time. I think AI is to the human mind what the steam engine was to the human body…I see this as positive news for the world.”

The Udacity AI Nanodegree is comprised of two, 13-week terms, which will start in early 2017. Currently, the curriculum is not yet finalised, and there is still the possibility of artificially intelligent apps to help teachers do their work,

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17 August 2016

Happiness and Well-being is set to make waves in Wales

Happiness and Well-being is set to make waves in Wales 

With the recent Well-being Act being introduced to Wales, our happiness has started to become more of a focus. It is well documented that at the root of many of the illnesses we suffer with today is the level of stress that we are dealing with at any one time.


Stress hormones in the body create disease in the same way that overloading the body with alcohol or any one type of drug can. Over focusing on the negative aspects of life is one of the key reasons why we develop stress. What happens to our body is that when we focus on the stressful situations, we overdevelop the stress hormone cortisol within our bodies. What this hormone does in small doses is helpful, but when there is too much of it hanging around in our nervous systems, we become ill.
Rebecca Mills Elysium
Rebecca Mills Elysium
This upcoming workshop tickets here by the Entrepreneur Rebecca Mills, will help on how regular stress can affect the body in so many ways, people who overproduce cortisol can even become addicted to the feeling and become stress addicts, the main side effects of stress are:

  • Insomnia – you struggle to sleep at night
  • Lethargy – a feeling of tiredness no matter how much you sleep
  • – Weight gain – cortisol will make you add weight around your waist line, even if you are doing well on your diet
  • – Low immunity – you tend to pick up colds or coughs easily
  • – Craving sugar – cortisol raises your blood sugar levels putting you at risk of diabetes and at risk of cravings
  • – Aches and pains – excessive cortisol hypersensitizes the brain to pain, so even the slightest twinge can cause headaches
  • – Low libido – cortisol lowers the sex hormone, so your libido disappears

But there is a way to turn things around.

The reason why stress can be difficult to eradicate from our lives is the way in which it affects us. When we have a stressful episode, our mind can go into overdrive repeating back to us negative feelings or thoughts. These negative thoughts in turn affect our actions, even ending in self sabotage at times.

The way to turn things around is in training the mind to think differently. Instead of allowing our stress levels to control us, we need to take control of our stress levels.

Upcoming workshop tickets here

“It is easy to feel like stress has us by the throat...” says Rebecca Mills, Founder of Elysium that runs workshops for happiness throughout South Wales, “...but stress is usually the result of us thinking that we are not in control of the voice in our head, many times that voice tried to sabotage my life, but when I realised that I could change what it said to me, that I was in control of how much stress I allowed myself to take on, things began to change”

Rebecca believes that stress is the reason for much of the disease we suffer today. “When you look up the affects of cortisol, the hormone that stress produces in our bodies, you see that stress is affecting our systems in such awful ways, and we need to avoid stress as much as possible”

The NHS has many tips on reducing stress and with the new Well-being Act being introduced to Wales, it is imagined that this support will improve.

Rebecca runs regular workshops in and around South Wales, her weekly workshops in Caerphilly start in September and run every Monday in the local Library. If you would just like to come along and see what these workshops are like,

Rebecca is also running workshops with the Cardiff Hero Coffee mornings and her next workshop is on September 8th with the title: To change the world around you, do you have to change the world or simply how you see it?

A workshop on changing our perspectives. Rebecca's book Happy Regardless is also available for download from her website elysiumhappiness

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