23 Mar 2014

Google Tools to Help Everyone Improve Their Writing Skills

Google Drive now has new add-ons that have been added to benefit its users. 

In this post, we have selected just three tools a user can install on their Google Drive which will benefit their writing and experience with great results.

We have tried these add-ons and we decided to share with our readers. These add-ons tools may be particularly helpful and relevant to anyone that wishes to improve their writing skills at any age and level.  Below you will also find explanatory videos. The tools we present here are: ProWriting Aid , Track Changes and EasyBib

ProWriting Aid

With ProWriting Aid it helps writing skills and its features can be seen here:
  • Check your writing for consistency, plagiarism, acronyms, cliches, redundancies, grammar mistakes and more. 
  • Check for consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization; - Eliminate clich├ęs and redundancies; 
  • Check for plagiarism and unoriginal content; 
  • On-line grammar and spelling checker; 
  • Find overused words; 
  • Improve dull paragraph structure; 
  • Find repeated words and phrases; 
  • Eliminate vague, abstract, and complex words from the written document; 
  • High quality copy-editing and proofreading services; 

Track Changes

Track Changes tool for collaborative writing, features include:
  • Manage Changes: Accept or reject changes easily by using the Track Changes sidebar. 
  • Easy to Review: Changes are color coded for easy review: additions are in green and deletions are in red with strikethrough. 
  • Simple Controls: Turn Track Changes on or off and reset tracking with a single click using the Add-ons menu. 
  • Secure and Private: No part of your document is ever transmitted or stored outside of Google’s servers.


While working on a Google Docs document you can insert citations, users can easily look for and access citations including a generation of bibliographies for completed documents. 

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22 Mar 2014

Apple to Rival Spotify With Own Music App Service

Apple is preparing to launch a new on-demand streaming music service.

The news follows according to record labels that have been approached by Apple. This new service will appeal to users that currently enjoy Spotify thus Apple is extending its offers with a popular move.  It was first noted on Billboard, where it was stated following unnamed sources, that discussions are moving at various stages.

This new move may be that Apple is taking into considerations that its iTunes, is suffering a decline in downloads. This early decline was noted by Nielsen as downloads are less 13 percent from the week of March 9, and sales are down 11 percent from last year.

In comparison Spotify and YouTube continue to enjoy steady figures according to this Report in US. Nevertheless Apple already has a streaming radio service the iTunes Radio, however it is possible that it that new service could be become a standalone app with a possible integration into Apple new operating system iOS 8.

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21 Mar 2014

Pre-Order Food at Restaurants With Paypal UK Mobile App

PayPal UK is from today offering its mobile app users (iOS and Android) an interesting new feature which is pre-ordering food before users arrive at restaurants for their meals.  

Users can then also use their PayPal app whilst dining at a restaurant so that they can simply authorise payment with a four-digit code. This innovation for the UK consumer market means that users will no longer need to present a payment card to complete financial transactions. 

This feature was first seen and called "Pay At Table" and "Order Ahead" last year in the U.S. Concurrently, outside of Europe PayPal Australia appears to also being introduced the mobile app features into its market. This latest implementation follows on the previous feature which was introduced last year named "pay-by-picture" service, which growing into more locations.

Early business adopters include places like Wagamama, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Prezzo. The way it works with this new service is that the system integrates with all standard electronic point-of-sale systems. For users to be able to use "Pay At Table"  they will need to be “checked in” into one of the adopter restaurant and then users will receive a code auto generated by the restaurant. 

It then follows that with the code it can be entered into the app so that payment can be processed for a user's meal, furthermore it is also possible to share with a user dining companion a bill splitting processed with a line or by percentages. Subsequently in the eventual case where a user forgets to pay, then the restaurant can later apply the charge.

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