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Top 7 bold tips toward SEO & SMO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SMO(Social Media Optimization) are the key terms in internet era. They are not different terminologies. SEO techniques are there to make search engine friendlier and get the web pages in the top ranking search result. Through the major impact in social networking sites few can argue that SEO is dead and SMO is dominating. It is not the true case. Ultimately via SMO, SEO is also happening. Ultimate goal is content deliver-ability. Connecting medium between social and search is inbound link building. It is the latest and growing innovation and march SEO and SMO as one. Let us see the major tips toward SEO and SMO.
Provide rich content with branding and providing links to sites in group forums
Content is the king of any website. It should be understandable by all. Maintaining the brand with stylish content provision will impress the visitors a lot. Email marketing, providing free access to the contents, click campaign etc., are few of the marketing trends that can help in link building. Asking questions and providing answers for them by providing links which redirect to the website will create more traffic. Making money is the main profitable element in internet marketing. With best quality, providing rich content and proper link will make one to earn more money.
Guest Posts – Be a liker of web
Guest blogging introduces new audience, brings cooperation among the same wavelength of people, providing free subscriptions to them and linking them back to the site are few ways of inbound link building.
Catchy Headlines increases more productivity savings
Catchy headlines with click-through-rate colors have major impact in link building. Headline should be quality oriented and it should provide genuine message. In any social networking site, a catchy headline makes a just pass through visitor to get attracted towards the advertisements.
Forums – Common medium
Providing rich content in blog alone does not help to get success in SMO. One should be a active member in social networking groups like Facebook, Linkedin. SMO offers them by joining in larger conversations, providing answers to questions, even answering in yahoo or Google group sites also helps and linking the users back to content by providing useful news.
Follow SEO techniques to get more traffic to the website and get good SMO
SEO plugins and SEO tools help the web page search engine friendlier. Let us see some of the SEO tools and SEO plugins
SEO tools :
1. Spider simulator: Search engine w would not actually check for the links, flash based content etc., It just proxies how a search engine would see the page. It also displays the hyperlinks that will be crawled by a Search Engine when it visits the particular web page.
1.        Similar page checker : This tool gives the determination of the percentage of similarity between two pages.
1.        Keyword Cloud : It is really important to mention the keywords in larger fonts to easily get identified.
2.        Keyword density : Percentage of occurrence of keywords in the content and it should be similar across all search engines.
SEO plugins
SEO Smart Links
As the name suggests, SEO Smart link is a smart way to interlink content automatically and customize keywords automatically to a page and overall strength of any favorite blog content can be increased smartly. Its popularity can be measured as it got downloaded more than 300,000 times and many users have given their recommendation to follow it.
Google search lists out the pages by SEO and provides Rank to each and every page. In order not to get redirected to 404 error even if it is present, Redirection plugin provides a beautiful mechanism. It redirects to 301 redirect and hence if a particular page is moved to different location and when search result provides earlier links, Redirection plugin helps to redirect the old link to new link without any haste.
SMO and SEO are not different. Through SMO, SEO also attained. Final aim is to spread the quality content all over the web. Let us get benefit by following the above.
About The Author: This post is written by Diana. She is professional AudienceResponse System Manager, and believes that we have enough opportunities in life to learn and improve. We just need to get the right lesson from experiences.

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