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Amazon To Offer Collection Points at London Underground Stations

The eCommerce giant that is Amazon, has plans to open delivery collection points at London underground stations it has been reported.

In a context where it was announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson that almost all ticket offices on the London Underground transport network would close by 2015. Where the argument is that technology can offer a good alternative if not better in place of manned ticket offices and thus saving many millions in terms of financial savings.

With this mind, it seems only natural eCommerce is the main driver for innovation, savings and convenience.  In anticipation of the new space to be made available to the public at key locations of the transport network, Amazon is in talks with Transport for London to potentially use the closed ticket offices as “drop off” points for its customers deliveries, by offering strategic flexibility and convenience on its service.

The Amazon offering was first reported by the FT. It then followed the Guardian which stated that "TfL was talking to unnamed “online retailers” about converting ticket offices to “drop-off” or “click-and-collect” points for goods".

This development and interest comes in a context where back in September another eCommerce giant eBay offered a “click & collect” service in the U.K. where it is possible for its customer to nominate a physical retail store location for their purchases to be sent. 

Amazon already has a Lockers program for around a year now with around 270 locations with 12,000 slots, where its customers are able to select and choose a local place such as a 7-Eleven or a station to have their purchases delivered, apart from the traditional home or work address.

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